Is Pitster Pro That Much Better?

Seven years ago the word “pit bike” didn’t mean what it means today. Back then there was no such thing as the pit bike industry. The pit bike industry seems to have started just because a bunch of guys started to race around their kids Honda 50 motorcycles. Because these bikes were not built to handle the stress of a bigger guy, people started to upgrade suspension and frames on these Honda bikes. With the new frames and suspension these bikes could take a lot more pressure, so naturally why would they not put a bigger motor as well? That’s how the pit bike industry was created, “supply and demand”. However, it started to get expensive to build a pit bike. The Honda models would cost around $10,000.00. This was just to expensive for most riders, so the pit bike industry needed a cheaper solution to the pit bike demand. there were many people that answered, including GPX, Pitster Pro, Thumpstar, and many others, but what makes Pitster Pro that much better than any other pit bike?

I have ridden many of the different pit bikes. Some of the larger companies are the same that I mentioned above. Thump Star is one of the biggest competitors for Pitster Pro with the huge marketing campaigns and cheap bikes. Honda is also one of the largest competitions for Pitster Pro, Well maybe not Honda directly, but all the companies that build the upgrades for the Honda 50 pit bikes. They would claim that no Chinese bike can compare to the Honda quality, is that true? Isn’t Honda Chinese bike as well? Isn’t Pitster Pro compete and even beating the Honda Pit Bikes at the race track?

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Pitster Pro is so much better than any of the other “Chinese” pit bike companies that their real competition is not even in the same league. Honda has years of proof that they are a reliable bike and Pitster pro is just coming up in the world. However, no other pit bike company has gone out of their way to create a better bike year after year.

Pitster Pro has taken the time to fix any problems in their products as the years have gone by. Every year the Pitster Pro pit bike is changed and upgraded in order to provide a better product. Now the only pit bike companies that can even compete are the ones that copy the Pitster pro design and steel their style.

In my experience Pitster Pro is the best bike on the market because of a combination of the affordability, reliability, and strength of the bike.

Source by D Andrew Goodwin