Decathlon Road Bikes

Decathlon road bikes are designed and produced by the multi national french sporting goods company and distributed through decathlon global chain of sports superstores as b’twin cycles. Decathlon road bikes are highly rated as top end manufactures of racing bikes and the brand is recognised globally.

Decathlon started out from a shop in lille, france in 1976 and continued to expand throughout france throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In 1986 decathlon expanded into germany and by the early 1990s had expanded further across europe with stores located in spain and the uk (united kingdom). By the end of the 1990s they had expanded into the usa by purchasing the new england mvp sports chain with 20 shops and re branding the stores as decathlon usa. But by 2006 they announced they would be exiting the us market to concentrate on the european sports market. Decathlon stock and sell all kinds of sporting goods but have a strong market for bikes. They are one of the largest sporting goods retailers with an annual turnover in 2007 of $6,123,000. It is the companys size as a sports retailer that has enabled them to produce and sell quality road bikes at the best prices and top in quality in many consumer tests. Decathlon bikes are highly rated among cycling enthusiasts for giving value for money and reliability.

The company has a presence in professional cycling circuit with team ag2r who rode decathlon made bicycles in tour de france 2007. And stock a wide range of road bikes from top end to entry level. This coupled with an extensive service ability around stores makes b’twin road cycles a good choice for all levels of cyclists. The cycle arm of the decathlon sports stores is called b’twin cycles and sells not only cycles but all kinds of cycling equipment and clothing.

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The decathlon road bikes (b’twin bikes) range includes from the road bike sports range the b’twin sport 3 with a aluminium and carbon frame. And from the profesionally approved top end b’twin road cycle range, the b’twin comp pro fc 900 made from high modulus carbon fibre and kevlar weave and kitted out with top quality cycle equipment. If your looking for a quality road bike at the best possible prices with great after care and service and a global network of outlets catering for all level of cyclists from entry to serious and professional cyclists and a deication to prices and quality and customer service, decathlon b’twin road cycles are one of the best choices around.

Source by Steve Brig