Cycling Tips | Adjustable Stem | Is This Really A Good Idea?

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Most bikers one time or another will have neck pain caused by the exaggerated riding position of road bikes. An adjustable stem may help reduce neck pain but is there some other more simple adjustment that you can make? #roadbike #cycling

The Road Biker here. Welcome to my blog! So, today I talk about how I purchased and installed an adjustable riser on my road bike to change my riding position in an effort to reduce or even eliminate neck pain. What I discovered is that I may have exceeded the design characteristics of my road bike and endangered myself by changing out a vital component. And I apologize for referring to the “stem” in the video as the “riser”.

Interesting note. The average human head weighs 10 to 12 pounds and feels like 40 pounds on neck muscles when in the typical exaggerated riding position of a road bike. Yikes, no wonder my neck muscles gets tired!

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