Cycling Tips | Would You Recommend Your Vilano Road Bike To A Friend?

My road bike is an entry level model the Vilano Shadow. Purchased online and at the end of the season I paid less than $325 delivered and now have more than 1000 miles riding it. If you are thinking about riding yourself then you would do well to consider this model or one in the same price range. But, budget another $90 or so for a better set of tires - just to be safe.

The Road Biker here. Welcome to my blog! So, today I talk about my Vilano Shadow road bike and this time I turn the camera on myself. You get to see the Road Biker and his bike, but I promise more videos soon where we'll take a ride together.

Hope you enjoy watching this video and that you look for more videos in the future offered by this bike blogger.

Thanks for watching and coming along...

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I decided on this road bike because GNC reviewed and listed it as a best road bike under 500 dollars and more importantly best road bike under 1000 as well.

Gerry Granatowski
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