Tony's Bike Tips & Cycling Hacks: Part 4

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0:00 Use of soft brass brush to clean between links of chain
0:11 Zip ties to hold frame protector on chain stay
0:23 Magic Eraser to clean mud off shoes
0:43 Phone pouch to protect from inclement wheather and sweat
1:11 Lubrication of wheel skewers
2:10 Coated twisty from grocery store: one of many uses
2:46 Keep your water bottle cold all day in the hot weather

We show you how to perform some road cycling hacks, tips and tricks including a few mtb hacks that should make for better bicycle performance as well as cleaning and organizing your gear.

1. When cleaning your chain either as a quick 2 minute cleanup or a deeper clean with degreaser, use a soft brass brush to free dirt from between chain links.

2. Can't keep that frame protector on the chain stay of your cycle cross bike, mountain bike or road bike? Try a couple of zip ties toward the end of the frame protector to keep it in place.

3. Dirty or muddy bicycle shoes? Use a Magic Eraser as an easy and quick way to remove dirt and grime.

4. Protect your cell phone when out cycling. Use a small baggie, or even better, a water proof pouch for under $10 from Amazon.

5. Don't forget to lubricate the quick release wheel skewers on a regular basis to decrease wear and prevent noise. Do this as part of your bike maintenance or when ever you change your tires or work on your hubs.

4. Use long twisty (used to wrap around lettuce or veggies at grocery store) to hold cassette together.

5. Keep bottle of water cold through out ride (I use a CamelBac insulated water bottle): Fill to about 1/3 and place at angle in frig night before. Make sure the water is below the level of the cap. Fill it the rest of the way from your tap in the morning.You'll be surprised.