New Canyon Aeroad plus more tech at the 2020 Tour de France

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Some more tech from this years tour de France.

The third stage of this year’s Tour de France has provided one of the closest looks yet at Canyon’s redesigned Aeroad aero road bike with both the Arkea-Samsic and Movistar teams both racing the as-yet-unannounced machine.

Canyon has maintained the overall profile of the existing Aeroad (including its nearly-level top tube, dropped seatstays, and shielded rear wheel) but has turned things up a notch everywhere else. This latest version features notably deeper truncated-airfoil tube profiles throughout for reduced aerodynamic drag, with the down tube, head tube, seat tube, seatstays, and — perhaps most dramatically — the seatpost all displaying far more aggressive shapes than before. Cabling is now fully internal, too, with the lines all passing inside the brand-new, one-piece carbon fiber aero-profile cockpit before snaking their way into the top of the head tube.

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