How To Cycle Like A Pro | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

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All triathletes can cycle faster, ride more efficiently and look smoother on the bike! Here are Mark and Heather's pro top tips to improve your triathlon bike leg 🚴

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As well as being strong on the bike, pros also ride smoothly and efficiently. So, to be a pro, its not just about being able to put out a lot of power, its about getting the small things right too.

Here are Mark and Heather's pro top tips for a faster bike leg:

Bike Position -
Being super aggressive isn't always faster, its about what is most comfortable for you and allows you to put out lots of power over a long period of time. Spend a lot of time in this race position to allow to be more comfortable on race day.

Training With Data -
Being able to monitor power during training and racing is a valuable tool for getting feedback on your effort. Its also good to know when to push harder and to back off. Heart Rate is also a valuable tool to help you ride at the right intensity and you can work out your zones by doing an FTP test.

Half Wheeling -
This is when one person rides half a wheel in front of another on a group ride. This is very frustrating for and can lose you a lot of cycling friends so don't do it!

Fuelling -
No pro's will fuel the same on race day as every athlete responds differently so make sure to find something that works for you. However, all pros will hydrate and fuel regularly throughout a race. Be smart about when and where you take this fuel onboard.

Flying Mount/Dismount -
This may not be strictly cycling but is still very important for triathletes. This can really make the difference in a short distance event where every second counts. The mount is a skip and hop onto the saddle whilst the dismount takes a little pre planning and stepping over the saddle before hopping off.

Good luck with these tips and let us know how you get on with them in the comment below 👇

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