Getting an ass-whooping before Cape Epic

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We got our asses kicked at the Pioneer in New Zealand in our big test before the 2020 Cape Epic. There’s no better way of saying it, and I’m not going to make excuses. But it was necessary, both mentally and physically, because sometimes you need a good ass-kicking to weed out the complacency in life. To grow, you must be willing to go somewhere that’s uncomfortable.

The Pioneer served as a proper dress rehearsal before the Cape Epic which allowed ample time for us to address any misgivings and to work out the kinks. The Pioneer is two stages shorter than the Cape Epic, but features more challenging terrain and is still very competitive at the pointy end. A good ass-kicking is what we needed, because it exposed everything that we need to fix with only 88 days left before the ABSA CApe Epic in mid-March, 2020.

Join us on our journey.