Fat Loss 4 Idiots – The Warts and All Review

The weightloss4idiots plan is an internet based diet plan. It is based on the cycling of calories.

The weightloss4idiots plan involves:

-An 11day meal plan

-Eating four meals a day at two and a half hour intervals.

-Preparing your own meals.

-Restricting alcohol intake.

-Restricting sweets intake.

-No portion limitations.

-No calorie limitations.

-Daily rotation of carbohydrate and protein meals.

-No processed food items.

-A sign up fee of $27.

An 11 day meal plan is the key tool in the fatloss4idiots diet. The 11 day meal plan is generated by a diet generator which plans what you eat for a period of 11 days after which you have 3 days to eat what you like before returning to the 11 day meal plan.

A sign up fee of $27 gives you access to the fatloss4idiots website for a period of 90 days.

The main page of the fatloss4idiots website has a diet generator and a list of the 10 rules of fat loss.

On the website you are given the option to choose if you want a vegetarian or regular diet.The vegetarian diet option replaces the meat with soya based alternatives.

Secondly you are asked to choose 14 of your favourite foods which the diet generator uses to generate your 11day meal plan.


– There is no contact person to provide support dieters.

– It may not be suitable for long term weight loss.

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-Due to the bland nature of the meals it is unlikely anyone would be on the diet for a long time.


– It is a very simple diet and very easy to understand.

– It is a well balanced diet even though there is a high amount of protein.

– It does not include starchy carbohydrates such as pasta and potatoes.

– It covers both vegetarian as well as regular diet options.

The feedback on fatloss4idiots has been generally positive with many people happy with their results.

Source by Michelle Wang