Fanny Packs For Women, Kids, Men and More

We all know that the fanny pack hasn’t had the best reputation in the past, and has been on the receiving end of many humorous remarks. Now you wouldn’t really think that a simple thing like wearing a small bag around your waist would cause such a commotion. However, fanny packs proved to be an excellent alternate way for women to carry all of their everyday things around in a really handy way. Everything is compartmentalized keeping items neat and tidy and ultra easy to get to. The waistband is strong and adjusts to fit almost any size waist, and usually has a “push and clip” closure keeping the belt secure.

With loads of styles to choose from they range in price from a few dollars to exquisite, premium, designer little numbers when the sky’s the limit, with everything in between. There is so much choice that you can afford to have several to suit your outfit of the day.

When they were first designed, fanny packs were usually worn at the back, and for athletic activities like a cycling and jogging for instance, it was a snap to carry such items like a spare water bottle where it wasn’t in the way.

As they grew in popularity, generally, it was a lot easier to wear your fanny pack either at the front or at the side so you could have immediate access to all of your bits and pieces. Also it’s a great way to keep all of your valuables safe while traveling, making it harder for a would-be thief. With much less of a chance of you becoming a target for pick-pockets then having a vulnerable bag snatched from off of your shoulder.

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With the freedom to use both your hands for other important things, like hanging on to an energetic child, or map reading while on vacation for example they proved their worthiness to skeptics time and time again.

I’ve seen several young, beautiful celebrities and models all adorning the fanny pack recently, like Lady GaGa, Rhianna and Donna Karan. It’s not just the girls either; guys are getting in on the act, tough guys too, including Hulk Hogan, Chuck Norris and hunky models. How cool and fantastic is that? What a wonderful job they’re doing in promoting an item we seem to have a long-term love, hate relationship with. Showing the fanny pack in a positive way.

Source by J L Abreu