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Factor LS gravel bike review: putting the road in ‘groad’

Factor is a high-end carbon manufacturer focussed on producing bicycles for racing. And while the company is best known for its road and triathlon bikes, its range now extends into the realms of gravel racing, too.

The LS is one of the newer bikes in Factor’s small range, and it’s aimed squarely at the performance rider looking to ride and race across mixed surfaces. This high-end race machine offers a noticeably road-bike-like aesthetic, attitude, and low weight that all closely mimic the company’s 02 VAM road bike. And this also means the LS is a pretty interesting quiver-killer type of bike for the person looking to own a single sporty drop-bar bike.

I’ve had the Factor LS in for review for about three months longer than the company had intended (sorry Factor!), and finally finished off my testing as part of our 2021 Field Test in Victoria’s High Country.

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Includes paid promotion: Our second Field Test was done in partnership with Ride High Country, the tourism and advocacy group responsible for cycling within Victoria’s North East region. We thank them for their support in being able to produce this series.

Factor LS gravel bike review: putting the road in ‘groad’