Cycling Treks Through the Loire Valley Or Greenways of Europe

Cycling Treks Through the Loire Valley Or Greenways of Europe

The best cycling in the world combines all the benefits of hiking and trekking – the outdoors, the fresh air, the scenery, the exercise – but with the ability to travel much greater distances and with far greater freedom. A cycling trek is a great way to see the world at your own pace, and have a cheap and fantastic holiday in with the bargain. Whether you travel on dedicated cycling trek trails or regular roads and highways, embarking on a cycling trek means roaming free across the countryside stopping only when your legs get tired or you get a bit peckish from all that exercise.

There’s plenty of choice of destinations or terrains to ride though and accommodation from the basic to the most luxurious. How about cycling the Greenways from Prague to Vienna? There are around 300 miles of these green tracks that wind there way between the two capitals. There are opportunities to stop off and engage in many activities like bird watching and canoeing. Europe is still one of the most popular cycling trek destinations, with the greatest variety of landscapes and cultures within short cycling radius – in particular there’s great cycling treks to be found in France (aided of course by fuel from the vines you often ride beside!). Cycling the Loire Valley is an absolute delight; this region of France is relatively flat and provides a smooth scenic touring experience. The chateaux and winding river make this a beautiful and historic choice and what better way to see it all than by bike.

If you’ve never tried a cycling trek, you’ll be amazed by what you have missed when you do. There are plenty of cycling travel specialists who can help you organise a memorable cycling holiday, either as part of a small group, with a small group of your own or with no other cyclist. The best reason for getting some help planning your cycling trek is that it means having their road transport take care of your luggage – which they vanish from you in the morning and then magically reappear it at the charming rural hideaway you wind up at in the evening, before a well earned table groaning with gourmet treats.

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A cycling trek is also something you could also choose to plan all by yourself. All you need are the maps of local cycleways and panniers to carry your luggage in. Then it’s up to you if you want to plan your cycling trek in careful detail before you set out or if you’d rather take advantage of the potential for freedom and make you mind up each time you get to the next cross roads.

One easy way to do-it-yourself cycling trek is to go camping in a fixed location, then cycle out for day rides in the surrounding countryside – that way you don’t have to carry everything on your back. You can travel independently and explore the region for yourself, or enjoy the camaraderie of travelling with a like minded group of cyclist explorers. Either way, as cycling becomes ever more popular, both as a form of regular transport and for holidays, cycle routes are being improved and cycle trails being blazed in new countries, so there’s a cycling trek to suit all skills in some of the world’s most spectacular settings.