Cycling Tips ~ Which Inner Tubes Are Best?

Inner tubes all differ in quality and what they have and don't have.

Threaded or non threaded.

Think or thin.

Non removable valve or removable valve.

If you need a tube and it's the right size then just buy it!

Otherwise next time you go shopping for tubes bulk buy some Continental tubes! Best I have ever used and trust me I've used a lot of different tubes!

Any questions please ask below.


There are not many original you tubers out there they are all copycats!

All I see is people copying each other!


Some information for you ~

Gary Yourofsky's Speech (MUST WATCH!)

Documentary’s you MUST watch! (Many available on Netflix or YouTube for free!)
☆Forks over knives:
☆Food Inc.:
☆Peaceable kingdom:
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☆Food matters:

Books I recommend:
☆The China Study - By Dr. T. Colin Campbell
☆The Starch Solution - By Dr. John McDougall
☆Carb The Fuck up - By Harley Johnstone aka Durianrider
☆The Secret - By Rhonda Byrne
☆The Power - By Rhonda Byrne

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