cycling tips/riding at night

Just some tips and ideas to make your night riding that bit safer !

I have been night riding a good 15+ years,because its fun!

Always tell someone where your going.

You dont have to go far,just keep it local if you wish.

Go with a friend or several.

Good lights are a must,minimum £150,hope or exposure.

Two rear lights are recommended from experience,one could fail leaving you unseen,take a spare front light,the fenix i show here is super light.

Make sure your bike is tip top condition.

You can change a puncture ok.

A head/helmet torch will be a great help for mechanical problems and to see the road.

Watch and read the road more at night,look out for potholes and objects.Also wildlife which you can startle with your presence.

This video is just my tips and suggestions you may wish to tweak things to your liking and general use.

My bike of choice for this ride and all the time is giant,giant bikes are by far the best for value,fit and design,they are my favourite bike,in particular the tcr,my old 7 year tcr 1 is a superb bike,its stiff and you can do so much with it.

Most importantly be SAFE AND SEEN.

Also if i stop for any length of time i switch off my lights to be that bit more stealth.

Any questions just ask below be pleased to help/advise.

Thanks for watching.