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In this video, Ashwin Bhatia gives cycling tips to beginner cyclists. He tells about common mistakes that beginners do and how to avoid, and what they can do to cycle better, with more comfort and higher performance. Ashwin is an Ironman 70.2, a race director, and a mentor to multiple cycling clubs. He has been riding cycles for over 35+ years. Hope you enjoy the video. Comment and tell us what you want to watch in our upcoming videos!

0:00 - Introduction
0:50 - Advise to anyone starting out with cycling (3 Tips)
6:41 - Best cycle to start with?
7:48 - Why does my ass hurt while cycling?
9:30 - Do you really need a gel seat cover?
10:25 - Why am I not able to ride long distance?
14:07 - Will I be able to catchup with everyone on the first group ride ?
16:00 - Why expensive bikes do not even have a stand ?
18:19 - How many kms should I ride daily to loose weight
20:56 - Where can I learn basic cycle maintenance? What Tools I should carry on a ride?
23:21 - Underwear under Bib Shorts?
24:27 - Does cycling cause impotence?
25:50 - Are cycling attire and shoes a must?

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