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There’s a place where mountains topped with ghostly forests tumble down to impossibly green fields, where red dirt tracks weave through pine plantations, where crystal lakes reflect the stony peaks looming above them. An Australian cycling paradise? Pretty close.

Draped over this landscape is a network of roads that feel made for cycling. Dotted along those roads, towns that offer good coffee, great local beer and wine, and outstanding food. It’s a place that quickly makes you feel at home, or wish that home was more like it.

Last year, when we visited the region for a few days’ riding, it was its usual stunning self. Over four days of riding we tackled four out of the seven peaks, thoroughly cooked ourselves on Mount Hotham, got unceremoniously dropped by Marianne Vos on the climb to Falls Creek and returned to Melbourne happily worn out.

Having discovered the unique pleasure and pain of those big climbs, we wanted to broaden our knowledge of the region. When the High Country reeled us back for a return visit, we arrived with a simple goal: stitch together new roads, see new places, kick up some dust and knock back some beers.

Thanks to Ride High Country for making this video happen.
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