Are You Doing Isolation Exercises? Then Stop!

If you are a fan of body parts isolation, or you just think you are better off doing isolation exercises for different muscles, then maybe you have been wasting a lot of time in the gym and exposing yourself to injuries.

Scientific studies proved that the body does not function properly when you try to perform isolation exercises as your body usually functions as a whole. You will get much better results if you focus your workout routine around compound exercises or complex movements that work different muscle groups at the same time

By training isolation routines, you are performing single-joint exercises, and those don’t really work well if you want to develop your muscles. Your body parts are supposed to work in collaboration to complete a movement, and that is why isolation exercises are unnatural and can easily cause injuries.

If you want to have a lean and strong body you have to forget about isolation, unless you are masochist who craves pain then go ahead and go get yourself injured. Otherwise, if you want a lean and strong body you have to perform kinetic chain movements where large portions of the body assist other portions to perform a complex movement.

In fact, there is no proper way to go about isolation exercises. Your body is all connected together, so when you think you are only working out one muscle group you are actually doing more than that. Have you ever trained your pectorals, yet the next morning you felt a bit of soreness on your triceps and shoulders? That’s because the barbell/dumbbell presses you did required other muscles intervention to perform properly.

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The same thing goes for developing muscles; you can’t have huge biceps with tiny shoulders? You wouldn’t want that anyway, right? You’ll just look messed up, and sloppy.

The key to a strong and beautiful body is balance. You should develop all your muscles at an equal pace, and that’s why you should reconsider ‘isolation’ exercises.

On the other hand compound or multi-joint exercises will not only help you develop a well-balanced and strong body, but they will also help you burn more fat than what you usually burn with single-joint exercises as they require more energy to perform, improve your metabolic rate, and stimulate all the muscle building hormones such as testosterone, and growth hormone.

When you try to devise your next workout routine, make sure you make it intense, safe, and as effective as possible. Incorporate what you have learned here into your workout and you will notice the difference.

Source by Abdel Gadmy