$700 dollar Assos Johdah jacket: Is it worth it?

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Assos has always been synonymous with premium, high-performance apparel. The quality and durability of Assos garments are the stuff of lore, scan an online forum, and you will usually find someone explaining how incredibly long they have owned and used a single Assos jacket.

When Assos launched its new Equipe RS winter range last Autumn, the prices had most people talking. High prices are nothing new for Assos garments, but the price is usually within the limits of justification. Assos fans will explain how the extra durability, means the higher upfront cost gets balanced by years of additional usage.

However, at £575 for a jacket, Assos brought cycling kit to a whole new premium price tag level. All in the four-piece Equipe RS range would set you back a hefty £1,265. While most baulked at the price, I had the job of reviewing the range and deciphering whether it can live up to its price tag.

I’ll cut straight to the point here; this kit is good, frustratingly good! Of course, I will go into more detail, but as much as it pains me to say it, the jacket and tights are both worth every penny if you are looking to stay warm in extreme conditions. With the price of this range, I really hoped I could report that reasonably priced kit is just as good, but the reality is, this is better.

Having spent six years racing internationally and another six years working with a cycling clothing company, I have tried a lot of kit. It took me just one ride to realise how superior this jacket was compared to anything I had tried previously.

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