Three Important Mini Bike Facts You Must Know

Motorbike riders often use the term mini bike in referring to miniature motorcycles that also run on fuel. These bikes can run for approximately 30 miles on a full tank of gas. It is quite popular especially to motorbike enthusiasts who wanted a taste of adrenaline rush in the race tracks. To know more about these bikes, below are a few important facts you must be aware of.

Historical Background

These bikes were very popular during the 60’s and 70’s. They were first made in the 50’s. It became amazingly popular when kids saw racers use such bikes to ride through the pit during races. Due to this, most kids suddenly wanted to own one for their own. Hence, companies began marketing the mini bikes and sold a lot of units to kids who wanted a miniature motorbike they can easily use.

Races involving this type of bikes were also conducted. Go kart race tracks are often used for these races, mostly using pocket bikes. There is a race category for adults and the kids. Some tracks even rent out bikes to paying customers such as adults who wanted to experience riding a mini bike and those kids who love to race and dream of one day becoming motorbike racers.

Mini Bike Safety

Safety is always a major concern in riding miniature bikes. It is difficult for adults to maneuver these bikes around when they first started out. As the rider, you must never forget to wear the proper safety gears when riding. One of the most important safety gears is the helmet. You should never ride without it. In fact, there is a law stating that motorcycle drivers must wear a helmet at all times while driving their vehicles. Though mini bikes may look safer in terms of its size, it can still cause an equal damage as a normal size bike may result to when having an accident. Countless injuries and accidents can be traced to motorbike riding as their cause. To avoid this, it is necessary to ensure that essential safety precautions are made. This is highly recommended especially for young riders who can be very aggressive when driving.

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Recent Advancements in Technology

Nowadays, bike companies are providing new bike models to provide their consumers to with more options to choose from. But there are some states, and countries that have a specific law for the use of motorbikes. Like in the UK, it is highly illegal for you to drive around in one of these mini bikes. The only place they allow the use are in motorbike tracks and privately owned lands. Anyone who is caught riding these bikes in public roads, the police will arrest the rider then seize and destroy the vehicle. In the US, however, there are also some states wherein these bikes are illegal to drive on public roads. But there are some pocket bike models allowed to be driven in public roads. These are the ones that meets the vehicle regulation standards. Mini bike models X18, 19, and 22 are the only bikes of this type that meet the proper vehicle regulation. It have taillights, headlights, turn signal lights, horn, side mirrors and a speedometer. Still, the rider must follow proper safety measures such as always wearing a helmet, carrying the vehicles license, registration, and insurance, and never driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

These mini bikes are very cool and eye catching to the public. But the most important rule when riding these mini racing machines is to always follow the proper safety precautions.

Source by Nerea Bradford