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The world’s lightest e-bike, disguised as a road bike: HPS Domestique Watt Assist Pro

In general, e-bikes are obviously e-bikes. Large chunky tubes, batteries, crank-based motors, or specific rear hubs often show the bike’s extra potential. The Scott Addict eRide and Colnago E64 are perhaps the closest to a normal-looking (whatever normal is) road bike in the e-bike market today.

Personally, the additional weight and restricted choice of either wheels or cranks have been marks against the current crop of e-bikes in my book.

Perhaps naively, these factors have been all the evidence I needed to be confident that mechanical doping has not been a significant issue in professional racing.

We all knew deep down in our hearts that e-bike systems would eventually become more integrated, smaller, lighter and in general, just less visible. It seems that time has come.

High Performance Systems (HPS) is an Irish brand that has spent the better part of the last decade refining an integrated and lightweight e-bike system. The initial intention was to develop and prove the system, before licensing it to bike manufacturers to use in their bikes.

While developing the system and working with manufacturers, HPS had test frames explicitly designed to house the e-bike system. While the system was progressing at pace, HPS met a fork in the road. Should it continue trying to meet manufacturers’ many demands, or focus on developing the test frames into a finished product?

HPS decided on the latter option, and the result is the Domestique. The word “domestique” is synonymous with pro racing and translates to “servant”. A domestique’s role within a team is to assist their leader during a bike race, and as such is a fitting name for an e-bike, given the assistance it offers a rider.

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The world’s lightest e-bike, disguised as a road