The Non-Cyclist’s Guide To Gifts For Cyclists

The Non-Cyclist’s Guide To Gifts For Cyclists

Quick! What do you give a bicyclist for Christmas or birthdays if you don’t have a clue about cycling? Or maybe you do know about gearing and Presta valves, but your cyclist is the type who goes ahead and buys things for him or herself. Never fear, there are gifts you can give that don’t have to be a certain size or a particular gear ratio.

Cyclists have a special relationship with their sport. They eat,Guest Posting breathe, and sleep bicycles. But there are times when they have to tear themselves away from their wheels…to go to work, say, or attend a dress-up function. With bicycle jewellery, they can have a tangible connection to the sport with them all the time.

Bicycle jewellery is suitable for any cyclist, and it’s something that few buy for themselves. Cycling jewellery is made in all different styles, and it’s not just for women. There are dainty necklaces and earrings, bracelets and charms. But there are also cuff links and tie bars. Then there are the rugged-looking bracelets made to look like bicycle chains — a manly touch, and a reminder of where the cyclist’s heart really is. Dainty or macho, silver or gold, plain or fancy, there is a piece of cycling jewellery for anyone’s taste.

Vintage cycling posters are a popular item with the cycling crowd. Vintage advertising posters are valued as works of art in their own right. Unfortunately, original advertising art is hard to find, and it’s expensive when you do find it. You can enjoy the beauty of the old advertising posters with reproductions. Digital reproductions preserve all the little flaws and imperfections of the original piece, adding to its nostalgic charm.

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A single vintage cycle poster can accent a room, or an entire collection on a wall can make a powerful impact as the focal point of a room. The soft colours and gentle lines of the hand-drawn artwork recall a simpler time, when the bicycle was in its heyday.

Vintage posters come in an array of styles, from fantasy to realism to abstract, spanning eras from the 1920s through the 1950s, and covering several cycling categories. Some cycling posters advertise brands of bikes, many of which are obscure and long out of production. Other posters advertise cycling events, like the history of the Tour de France. Still others celebrate the early icons of the cycling world — those who made a name for themselves and propelled the sport of cycling into the limelight.

Next time you need a gift for a cyclist, you won’t have to worry about getting the proper size or brand. Surprise your cyclist with a hand-picked piece of cycling jewellery or a vintage cycling poster. They’ll be touched that you recognize how important their sport is to them.

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