Electric bicycle battery 52V 17.5AH 750W 1000WMotor with charger and BMS protection board DC charging port safety lock…

[Battery parameters and life]: The electric bicycle battery is 52V 17.5AH, suitable for 250W-1000W motors, maximum constant discharge current: 30A, with a charger, large-capacity battery makes the bicycle durable; it also has a long cycle life, It is more than 3 times that of lead acid. The charging time is about 4~5 hours; moreover, the charging cycle exceeds 1000 times, the expected life span is up to 5 years, and it is more durable.
[Battery performance use]: The new battery design, accurate battery display can let you know the remaining battery power more clearly, avoid turning off the battery power while riding, you don’t need to worry about riding,the battery is not afraid of water and sand, and has a good protective effect. will not pose a threat to your safety. The battery is easy to install and release. It is not only suitable for mountain bikes, bicycles, electric bicycles
[Safety and environmental protection] :The battery core is made of lithium-ion environmentally friendly materials, which not only has stable battery performance, but also has built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection and temperature protection, so your safety will not be threatened, and a well-designed battery . Anti-theft device protects you from the loss of battery



✦Battery Parameter✦— Ebike battery is 52V 17.5AH, suitable for 250W 500W 750W 1000W 1200W motors. Max charge current: 3A
✦Six Intelligent Protection✦— Use of a high quality protection plate to ensure safe use, updateability and resistance. Equipped with BMS protection plate to achieve overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection, battery balance function.
✦New Product Update✦—Upgraded battery has ultra high performance and high durability, built-in safety battery management system more waterproof and dustproof. High performance batteries are your first choice for long distance riding.
✦Multifunctional design✦— * Remaining power display: clear remaining power display, convenient for charging and using the battery. * Multiple device use: The battery USB port can charge mobile phones and other devices. * Dust and Water Proof Design: The upgraded battery has high waterproof and dust proof performance and can be used in rainy day, desert and other scenarios.
✦After Sales Service✦—We offer 12 month battery warranty service. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us immediately, our after-sales team will solve the problem for you.

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