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Keep safe on the road with a bike helmet. Browse unisex adult bike helmets and mountain bike helmets as well as children’s helmets from a range of leading brands.

Cycling helmets for adults and children, a must for any type of bike riding. Stay safe and protect your head from injury with these great bicycle helmets.

Although wearing a cycle helmet in the UK is not legal requirement it certainly provokes strong emotions for and against the wearing cycle helmets.

Personally, I would be in the, for wearing helmets camp.

I was in a cycling accident myself many years ago now and not wearing a cycle helmet, when I was catapulted over the handlebars when the front brake cable snapped. I suffered concussion and rushed into hospital. After a brain scan and after being patched up, I was allowed home and luckily suffered from no ill effects other than cuts and bruising.

I was very lucky that day, so made a conscious decision to always wear a cycle helmet when out on my bike from that day and it now feels completely normal. It would feel very strange not wearing one, It would feel like riding in a car without a wearing a seatbelt.

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