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Your Name: Miss Cory Coffey

Age: 24

Hometown: Ojai, California

Sponsors: DC, Specialized, ODI, and Utopia Optics

How did you get started into riding BMX?

There were some younger boys in my neighborhood that raced bmx bikes, and they encouraged me to go get one… so I did and started going to the race track with them. I raced for about 3 years and then realized that I didnt like to pedal all that much, so I started going to a local indoor skatepark and that was the beginning of my ramp riding… 7 years ago, wow!

You were the first girl to do a backflip. What made you do it, how many times did it take, and whats the process behind doing it.

Yes, I was the first woman in the world to ever do a backflip on a bike… I was 19 years old and was spending a couple of months in Pennsylvania at Woodward Camp.. A guy by the name of Jay Rodriguez was joking around with me one day saying that we were going to learn backflips that night… I said yeah sure whatever.. well I guess he was more serious than I thought.. so that night I started learning them into the foam pit.. I think the second try I actually got the rotation down, and within a week or so I was pulling them on the box jump. I then unleashed it at a contest there at Woodward called the CFB contest. I crashed pretty bad the first two times, but the adreneline was pumping and I was determined to pull it… the third time I pulled it. I never really thought it was that big of a deal… now that I think back on it, it is pretty cool to make history. Basically its one of the easiest tricks in the book I think.. all you have to do is commit to it… make sure you have enough speed, a good enough box jump, and just lean back, spot your landing and there ya go!

What other sports do you enjoy doing then?

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I really enjoy snowboarding in the winter and occasionally mt. biking… I also like to play around on skateboards. I grew up riding a skateboard so its always fun.

What was it like to be one of the only female riders in a male dominated


Well when I was younger, I never really realized I was the only girl at the skatepark. As the years went on, I thought it was pretty cool. I could keep up with the guys, and the guy to girl ratio was obviously in my favor. haha

Besides yourself, there are a number of other female rider who have really

made some headway in pushing the sport for the girls. What do you think

about the women’s scene as a whole?

I think that it is def. growing which is awesome.. and I am seeing more and more events that are including womens categories which is pretty awesome. A few years ago that was unheard of…

What women riders come to mind and what are your thoughts on your

competitive opponents?

Thats one thing that I dont enjoy is competitiveness… thats what I didnt like about racing… I just look at it as me riding my bike having a good time, traveling the world, and meeting new people.

Is it competitive among the girls, or is it more of a friendship?

I think there are def. some people out there that are competitive, but that comes with any sport. I know a lot of the girls are just like me and are just excited to see other girls riding.

Where do you see the future of women’s BMX going?

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Honestly, who knows. the world is endless in opportunities, and if we keep pushing the limits, it could be just like any other sport.

Do other female athletes from other sports inspire you? If so, who?

Yes, I am always inspiried by other women athletes… Aimee Mullins is a para olympic athlete that is more than amazing… her courage, strength, and her just being who she is pushes me. I think that the free skier Sarah Burke is awesome.. Lisa Whittaker in skateboarding is really awesome, along with Cara-beth Burnside in skating and snowboarding.

What else do you do besides riding BMX – hobbies, activities, travels?

I love to hang out with friends, go to the beach, hike, eat food. Traveling is such an awesome thing as well.. I love going to new places and meeting people, experiencing different cultures/food.

Do you have a favorite movie star or movie?

I have a few favorite movies… Vanilla Sky, Donnie Darko, and the Winged Migration.

Who are your favorite bands / singers?

BoySetsFire, The Spill Canvas, and Jose Gonzalez.

Where is your favorite place to travel to and why?

Probably the coolest place I’ve ever been was Africa… I really want to go back there.. so much stuff to do, beautiful scenery, amazing people, and just one of the greatest places on earth!!

What did you want to be when you were growing up (besides a pro rider)?

I’ve always wanted to be a housewife. I’m also currently completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Protection Administration Technology at Cal State Los Angeles.

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Do you have any words for all the girls out there reading this?

If you want something in life, go and get it. Practice really does make perfect. Don’t ever let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams!

Shout Outs & Thank yous?

Thank you to Dwayne Taylor for always believing in me, friends, family, Specialized for always giving me my bikes, all my sponsors, and to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Source by Mark Sperling