My #1 Tip for New Fixed Gear Riders | Q&A

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Questions answered in this fixed gear Q&A:
1. Is clipless better than straps? 1:23
2. Are there any cycling shoes that don't look like cycling shoes? 2:14
3. What do you think about kickstands? 3:37
4. Can a fixed gear be a good dirt/gravel/trail bike? 4:44
5. Do you think tracklocross can become a more competitive sport and be more popular? 5:34
6. Recommended gear ratio for city riding? Is it possible to have two different gear ratios on the same hub? 6:55
7. How to deal with motorist road rage? 7:37
9. How often should you clean your bike if you ride daily? 8:35
10. What difference does the number of holes in a rim make when building a wheelset? 8:58
11. Is having a 20/24 hole wheelset better than 32 holes? 10:08

Gear mentioned in this video:
1. DZR shoes:
2. QUOC shoes:
3. Wabi Sub-15 wheelset:

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