Introducing the 2021 CyclingTips Field Test

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Squeezed in between Australia’s border lockdowns we managed to get the whole Aussie CyclingTips crew together in Bright, a small town within Victoria’s High Country, to sample some of the locally made beverages and test some interesting bikes (not necessarily in that order).

Our first Field Test in early 2020 focussed solely on various sub-categories of gravel bikes but this time around we got a little more eclectic with the bikes we tested.

Initially, our plan was to do an exhaustive test covering the mid-priced versions of all the exciting new all-rounder road race bikes that have been released over the past 12 months. However, in the midst of a pandemic-driven bike boom, we simply couldn’t get test bikes from a number of brands (Scott, Cannondale, Specialized and BMC). Turns out you all bought those bikes already.

And so, our test covered a spectrum of cycling disciplines and a great variety of terrain, too.

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Our second Field Test was done in partnership with Ride High Country, the tourism and advocacy body responsible for cycling within Victoria’s North East region. We thank them for their support in being able to produce this series.

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