How to use the clipless pedals mountain / road bike – Cycling Tips for beginners @fabulousport

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How to use the clipless pedals mountain bike / road bike - Cycling Tips for beginners
Clipless or clip-in pedals are the way forward for every cyclist for many reasons.
Firstly they'll make you feel all in one with the bicycle, but at the same time in case of falling over, they release so that you won't taking the bike with you.
That is what was happening in the past with the "old version clips".
Having the proper cycling shoes and the clipless pedals will help you to trasfer all your energy and power onto the wheels without dispersion.
After a bit of practice and exercises you'll feel the benefit of a more complete power transfer, being able not only to push down on the pedal, but also to pull back up the lower pedal with the other leg.
The exercise shown in the video, pedaling with only one pedal clipped in at the time, will help you to understand and feel this push-pull movement quicker.
I would recommend you spend enough time in a big and quiet park to get confident with the process of clipping in and out of your pedals, so that when you'll be on the road you can enjoy your ride without worrying about it.