Have a Whole New Experience With Demon X – Pit Bike

Pit bikes are similar to the usual dirt bikes but the main difference between them is that a pit bike is a smaller version of a dirt bike. They have become extremely popular amongst the youngsters and children these days. Pit bikes were originally used by racers and mechanics to get in and out of the pit as they were easy to handle and drive.

These bikes have four strokes horizontal engine and have various benefits attached to it. They are not at all dangerous and hence can be used by children to practice biking. Another very good advantage of the pit bike is that it is very cheap and you can look after your own bike without having to worry about the high maintenance fees.

If you want you can also easily modify your pit bike by changing exhausts, swapping carburetors and styling the wheels in order to add a whole new touch to your bike. The pit bikes are strong that is why you can easily jump them while riding on uneven roads. These bikes also have a high speed which can be increased further if you modify them.

In this article, my main focus would be tell you about the brand new pit bike known as the Demon X which is undoubtedly the best among all the pit bikes manufactured by different companies.

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The Demon X pit bike has been newly launched and it comes in many ranges.

1. MK4 2009 DX110 cc 12 BHP

This is the fastest and the best bike in its range with an extremely trendy look which resembles the bigger MX Bike. Some of the features of this bike are hi flow foam air filter, Super grip seat,

Demon X MX tyres, white nylon chain guard and heavy duty chain guide.

2. MK4 2009 DX125 cc 14 BHP

This is a big valve 125cc the DX 125 pit bike which has more BHP and gives you outstanding value for power and performance. I am sure you would have a whole new experience riding this bike.

3. Demon X Proline Range

The whole new Proline range contains 140cc 150cc and 160cc Pit Bikes. These bikes come with 20 BPH, chrome race exhaust, upgradable to 160cc, alloy swing arm and 2 liter fuel tank.

4. The DYX 140cc Pit Bike

This bike is extremely well built and it has high output YX Motorsport Engine. Some of the features of this bike are white nylon chain guard, race gear box N1234 gears and foam air filter.

I am sure that pit bikes would surely be very beneficial for you as they are easy to handle, cheap and gives you a good mileage.

Source by Charles Bently