Fitness As a Tool for Weight Loss

“Fitness does us good in proportion to the pleasure we get out of it,” is an old saying worth remembering.

Healthy exercise may be pleasurable, but it is not always recognised as such. Bad habits have been ingrained to make every wholesome innovation seem full of effort and labour. Consequently we cannot always judge the value of any newly applied form of training solely by the test of it’s pleasurability.

We are a product of what our parents and teachers made us; they sadly often make a mess of the job. Fortunately, if an exercise is in harmony with our inborn nature and needs, we soon get to enjoy it.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle means that hobbies and sports are essential supplements to our daily lives. Whether they be Gardening, cycling, carpentry, tennis, golf, horse riding, swimming, athletics, or road running.

It is important to choose the kind of activity you enjoy because as they say “Whatever floats your boat.”

Cycling is my main exercise but I only cycle to get from one place to another and as I live about 5 kilometres from the nearest town I bike 10k every day. Cycling certainly would not be my chosen sport. Athletics is. The point is that you choose something you enjoy doing.

Start from where you are as far as fitness goes. I may be considered fit compared to most people my age but when I begin my running campaign I test my fitness to start with by running around a grass paddock several times. I start with five laps around the paddock just to test my state of fitness.

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This is after I have not done any jogging for a year or so and I am not as fit as I could be.

One thing to bear in mind is that it takes a while to build up your fitness but much quicker to lose it once you stop exercising.

It takes weeks for you to reach your optimum level of fitness but if you have not played much sport you may be unsure of what is your peak. The only way to find out is to just get out there and compete in sport but that does not necessarily mean competing against others but rather yourself.

It is important not to overdo the running at first but to set yourself small tasks at first then increase the distance and the intensity as your fitness level increases. There are a number of running books available which can point you in the right direction. Some of the training routines in these books can seem daunting at first so it is a good idea to scale it down according to your level of fitness and ability.

That is setting personal best times.

It gives one great satisfaction to achieve personal best times in various events. Even if you have done some athletics previously and you have reached an age where you are never going to achieve times you did when you were younger you can set new personal best times for your age category.

Another advantage of exercise is that it helps to make new friends. The training sessions with other athletes will widen your social circles. This will encourage you in your goal to live a more fitness orientated life.

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Living an active life has several benefits.

1 It helps to control your weight

2 It improves one’s sense of well-being

3 It builds relationships

Living a more active life will have many health benefits so developing your own plan to increase your fitness is a no brainer. It is just a matter of getting out of your comfort zone and having a go.

Source by Robert Alan Stewart