Factor Ostro VAM: The exclusive first-ride review

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Factor, a manufacturer focussed on producing performance carbon bikes, calls it the road bike quiver-killer. A disc-equipped aero bike that can be built to the UCI weight limit but that’s comfortable enough to race at Paris-Roubaix.

Or put another way, most road bikes are traditionally grouped into three segments. You have the lightweight climbing bike, the aero bike and then the comfortable endurance bike. Factor has the lightweight climbing bike, the Factor 02 VAM. Meanwhile, The One remains the manufacturer’s dedicated aero bike. And then comes the new Ostro VAM, a “mid-depth aero bike” that’s somewhat trying to steal the lunch of all three road bike segments.

Such a do-it-all bike isn’t a brand new concept, and bikes like the Pinarello F12 and Scott Foil (which has won Roubaix …) share a similar approach and the newer generation of lightweight-turned-aero bikes all edge toward what the Ostro VAM aims to achieve. Then there’s the new Cervelo Caledonia 5 which has a number of similarities, too.

But depending on how you slice it, the Ostro VAM is still somewhat of a unique beast.

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