Cycling Tips – How To Get Stronger on the Hills –

Some Cyclist love the hills and other can't stand them, i don't mind them because is know if you can get stronger on the hills you get stronger all round on the bike.
I'll never be the best hill climber in the world but it doesn't mean i shouldn't practice on them.
Hill climbing is as much in the head as it is in the legs, you need to mentally get into gear for a hill climb and by this i mean you need to try and block out the pain from holding high watts for the duration of the climb.
When your out practicing on the training days you need to make it hurt this is the only way to build up muscle and get stronger on the bike.
A good way to build up your climbing ability is to train with a good hill climber try and hang on as long as you can giving it your all and over time you see the difference, but it does take time.
If you can use a power meter i use a stages power meter to help me with all aspects of my cycling.

You should consult your Doctor before doing any strenuous exercise or workout, if you have any dizziness or pain you should stop immediately, you do this workout at your own risk.