CYCLING TIPS! Food To Increase Performance

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You are what you eat!


Am I vegan?



Simple just so simple

Easy done

My thoughts is make it happen


Proud to be vegan.

The fact it’s almost six years and I’m six years ahead of others who keep talking BS an jibber jabber on the internet,people who Year after YEAR violently oppose something and think they KNOW IT ALL about it yet REFUSE to investigate and actually try it for themselves

Feeling not yourself?
Then Get outside! Walk ! Ride !

Zwift is just a computer game

Ride a bike

It's just riding a bike...

That's all it is!

I like riding my bike

Ordinary person just riding a bike


I don't talk about veganism because I want everyone to know I'm vegan I talk about veganism because I want animals to stop being murdered

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Enjoy cycling

Enjoy life

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