Cervelo Caledonia 5 first look: Where road bikes are headed

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In what’s effectively the fruit of adultery from the S5 aero sprinter and the Aspero gravel racer, the new Caledonia 5 sits in a surprisingly uncrowded market segment. It’s a bike for those who are forever trying to stuff the biggest tyre possible into their race machine or turn their gravel race bike into a roadster.

Put another way, the Caledonia 5 is racier than the vast majority of endurance road bikes out there, and it’s more versatile in function and fit than dedicated performance machines. Its closest rivals are arguably the BMC Roadmachine, the 3T Strada DUE, and maybe the latest Specialized Roubaix, and yet, Cervelo has seemingly crammed more performance and more spacious room for at least 34 mm rubber into its new cobble conquering offer.

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