Can you buy all the cycling clothing and kit you need for $200?

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Let’s face it: cycling kit can be stupidly expensive. Like really, really bloody expensive. The top-end kit is nice (most of the time), but if you’re planning on kitting yourself out each season with the latest and greatest clothing, you would need to be thinking about either selling kidneys or sending your kids out to work.

With the influx of new cyclists out there, it got me thinking, how little money can you spend and still get quality items that firstly have high performance and comfort, and secondly don’t look terrible.

So, I set myself a challenge: Could I kit myself out, with stuff I’d actually want to wear, for US$200? Helmet, shoes, shorts, jersey, undershirt, socks, gloves – the lot. For 200 bucks. (That’s €175 / AU$290 / £160). The question is, did I manage, and was it any good. Well, you'll just have to watch the video. Sorry!

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