Are these handlebars worth a disqualification? The UCI thinks so

Jan-Willem van Schip has been booted out of the Baloise Belgium Tour by the UCI after the governing body deemed his Speeco Aero Breakaway (ABB) handlebars, which he has used previously, run afoul of technical regulations.

Van Schip and his BEAT Cycling team claim that the UCI had never previously questioned the handlebars and that the team and Van Schip attained approval from the on-site UCI commissaire on the morning of the stage in question.

“We do not understand this decision,” the team said in a statement. “Since the launch of the ABB handlebar, we have been discussing with the UCI. Never, the UCI informed us that the handlebar would not be allowed. The UCI has also seen no need to accept the offer of the developer of the ABB handlebar to further investigate the admissibility.

“On the morning before the start of the third stage, we even discussed our intentions to ride with the handlebar with the UCI commissaire on site. Here we got the green light to start with the ABB. The UCI has not made any reservations about this. BEAT believes that the disqualification is unjustified and that Jan-Willem van Schip is seriously affected.”