A beginner's guide to waxing a bike chain

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So often, what’s old becomes new again. Dropper seat posts, road bikes designed for gravel roads, suspended stems, and tan wall tyres – yep, all old ideas.

Another thing on that list is chain waxing: the practice of dunking a bicycle chain into a pot of molten wax. Riders in the past commonly did this with a pot of paraffin wax. Some never stopped doing it, but the vast majority of cyclists took to more convenient (and widely marketed) drip chain lubes.

However, testing by the likes of Friction Facts and Zero Friction Cycling has brought renewed interest to the world of chain waxing. Great efficiency, improved drivetrain durability, lower running costs, and no greasy mess — chain waxing promises a lot, and these experts on all matters of chain efficiency and drivetrain durability are big fans of it.

Given the increased attention on chain waxing, we thought it was time to answer a number of commonly asked questions – and much like we’ve done for disc brakes and road tubeless tyres – offer a one-stop technical guide to all things chain waxing. It’s a topic that’s seemingly discussed more than anything else in our VeloClub Slack group, and one that remains a mysterious concept to many.

See the in-depth article at CyclingTips here: https://cyclingtips.com/2020/08/how-to-wax-a-chain-an-endless-faq